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Yesterday’s workout!  Build your arms, back, and LUNGS!

Today’s workout targets your legs and core.

Lanikai Pillbox Trail

Description:  Pillbox Trail features amazing views and interesting WWII-era observation pillboxes
Location:  Lanikai, on Oahu’s east coast
Distance:  Varies, but a novice could reach the second pillbox in 30-40 minutes
Difficulty:  beginner
Danger:  low, but watch out for heat and sun exposure, and be careful at the surprisingly slippery start
Suitable for:  beginner to intermediate
Gear:  At least 2 liters of water, a snack, sunglasses, and sunscreen
Time: 1 hour to 90 minutes, round trip, to the second pillbox


Lanikai Pillbox Trail is located in Lanikai, a posh neighborhood adjacent to Kailua, situated on Oahu’s east side. The trail is generally easy; although the very beginning is a slippery ascent, you’ll be walking across a safe, novice-level ridge with gorgeous views in a matter of minutes.  Be sure to bring sunblock and extra water; although the terrain isn’t dangerous, the heat is usually intense.  The trail is dog friendly, but be sure to bring plenty of extra ice-water to keep your K9 friends hydrated and cool with periodic showers.

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