When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.


Intro to Juicing!

Juicing (i.e., extracting unprocessed juice directly from raw fruits and vegetables) is an excellent boon to overall health. By extracting juice, your body gets its servings of fruits and veggies in a more readily digestible form, so nutrient absorption is much easier.

CP’s President and Co-Founder, Jon, highlights the benefits and simplicity of raw-veggie juicing by talking you through his preparation of kale, carrot, tomato, and apple juice.

If you’re new to juicing and are more accustomed to sweeter foods, try to start with a 1:1 fruit:vegetable ratio, then gradually work your way to more vegetables, using fruits to add fluid and flavor, but not to overwhelm the juice. If you have a sensitive stomach, try adding a little ginger root, which naturally settles upset stomachs, to your juice.

Here’s to good health!

Recipe for a flat stomach: 

10 minutes, a pain threshold, and this video.

Build Your Foundation!

The workout is fantastic for leg/general endurance and conditioning, and there are elements built in to specifically improve your core stability, dexterity, and coordination (i.e., Bosu-ball kettlebell swings, dynamic sandbag squats).

This workout really hammers your conditioning right outta the gate. Before we got started we each warmed up for several minutes, doing various, light movements with our bodyweight and with kettlebells.

The first superset is extremely taxing on the legs and the lungs. You won’t need much weight—the compound movements are stacked in a way that really enhances their difficulty.

After “sprinting uphill” with three repetitions of the first superset (:30 rest between each), the following exercises keep the heart rate high despite the (comparatively) mild pace.

Why do we do so much functional training for legs and core? Because that’s your foundation! Building strength is like building a house: the better foundation you have, the higher you can build!

Have fun!

Explosive Pushing Power

This workout will build serious functional pushing power in the triceps, shoulder, and chest. I mixed in a few exercises on the Bosu Ball, as well as a short compound-exercise at the end to help with dexterity and to keep things fun and interesting.

Don’t worry so much about rest between sets. This should be a nice break from many of the high-intensity routines I’ve been posting. But if you challenge yourself and use good technique at a decent pace, you’ll find this is a very effective way to mix it up!


Leg Blast
on a Budget

You don’t always need expensive equipment and state-of-the-art machinery to achieve your fitness goals.  With a little creative enthusiasm, you can find dollar-saving substitutes in your day-to-day life.

Here, for example, I use a 50-pound bag of rice ($35) to complete a highly functional, extremely challenging lower-body workout.

Be creative and experiment—there are opportunities for fitness all around us!